• Morgan Fagg

You are nothing but a scarred memory

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Once joined at the hip,

I don't miss you at all

It all became too much for me one day,

I simply had to get you out of my life

You poisoned me with your toxicity,

even if that wasn't your original intention

You are nothing but a scarred memory,

You left me hospitalised and in agony

My recovery was slow, I'll have to admit

You could have killed me

Forcefully removed from one another

I have moved on and you are nothing by a memory

There was a time when we were joined at the hip,

you never bothered me and I never had to worry about you

but then you almost killed me one day

and this toxic relationship had to come to an end

The doctors took a pound of flesh

and that was the end of my appendix

Appendicitis can kill

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