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World Press Photo 2019

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

One of the things I love about living in Madrid is the annual World Press Photo awards and the sheer about of museums, art exhibitions and galleries you can enjoy in the Spanish capital.

The World Press Photo awards showcase some amazing pictures and amazing stories together. The picture above from Mexico shows a 15-year-old girl's Quinceañera which is like a Sweet Sixteen coming-of-age party celebrated in Mexico and by Mexicans in America.

The girl might be dressed like a princess in an elaborate dress and party but what makes this picture so special is that the girl photographed on the red convertible was not expected to live past the age of 12.

This beautiful soldier pictured with an M16 sub-machine gun and camouflage was another interesting story where a group of women were hired as an anti-poaching unit. A truly stunning picture.

World Press images even those printed in Black & White can overshadow our daily lives.

Even Ireland's Repeal the 8th Referendum came into focus with this series of photos by Olivia Harris.

In the horror of horrors, we have seen children caged in "The Land of the Free" and award-winning press photography like the image above are important reminders of the destructive Zero-Tolerance policy that the Trump regime has imposed in America which will go down in history, like Columbus, Titanic and the Hindenburg.

We need these images even if they are difficult to see and upsetting to look at.

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