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Window Pain

This tragic post was shared by a friend on Facebook but I have yet to find the original poster.

81 People attended golf in Clifden last week and people protesting for ANTI MASK campaign.

Picture below is Padraig Byrne ,climbed on a bench to peer through a window and say his last goodbye to his 70-year-old brother Francis, who died from Covid-19 in St Luke’s Hospital in Dublin’s Rathgar.

“When you think of this golfing outing and imagine them all dressed up in their shirts and ties and wining and dining - when my brother passed away he was wrapped in the sheets he passed away in, The body bag was just zipped up there was no suit or fine clothes sent in”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time, a typical interview question but six months ago few were able to predict a pandemic affecting us the way it has. We put on our best suit and attend the interview, wedding, or formal event and know that someday our loved ones might be forced to pick out a suit for us to wear for eternity. Suits are seen as being successful and elegant and I know I must look like a time traveller if you look at photographs of all the special occasions I have worn the same grey suit to.

Suits to me have become more of a facade we wear like a mask and while they can feel empowering they are just pieces of fabric sewn together that give a doctor no more capabilities than the scrubs he might also wear.

We all deserve dignity in death and will have to question the suits that make the decisions that affect us all.

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