• Morgan Fagg

Will the NRA condemn skateboards?

While many people might believe that now is not the time to talk about the violent use of skateboards, I wonder if President Trump and the NRA will condemn the unlawful use of skateboards.

Maybe it is time to ask ourselves some awkward questions after the violent use of a skateboard lead to the death of a father in Kenosha. The death of 26-year-old Anthony Huber will leave many Americans questioning what is happening on American streets as yet another Black Lives Matter protest ends in violence.

Police in Kenosha have already blamed the death on protestors breaking curfew after thanking the young gunman for breaking curfew which they said they really appreciate.

The skateboarding community is up in arms over the incident and I'm sure many people in the underground skateboard scene will see him as a hero in this tragic incident but the facts remain that Anthony Huber used an unregistered skateboard which he did not have a permit to open carry in the state.

It has not be confirmed if he used some kind of longboard or a sub-compact machine in the attack but many questions will be asked about this one incident.

Should we ban skateboards outright?

Should we ban the sales of them at conventions?

Should we call for a registration of all skateboarders?

Should we outlaw sales to people under 18?

Should we allow people to open carry skateboards?

Should we require a hunting license or club membership of skateboards?

Should we blame Bart Simpson and video games for the popularity of skateboards?

And finally, should we arm teachers against skateboarders?

I know none of these things would have prevented the killing of the brave 26-year-old Anthony Huber who was shot dead while police in the area were busy handing out bottles of water to their fanboys.

It is a tragic occurrence that could have been avoided if people obeyed the curfew in the area that forced a 17-year-old to travel to the town with an AR-15, after his bedtime.

The boy was lucky to have gotten any sleep at all that night after his mother apparently drove him home after shooting three people, killing Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum.

It is time to open schools but the violent act of attacking someone with a skateboard will leave many Republicans worried that school shooters who are already troubled enough individuals won't be able to hunt safely with their AR-15s without being targetted by liberal skateboarders.

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