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Who said chivalry is dead?

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Clare Knight takes fight to Spain and back again

FLYING HIGH: Corey McDaniel proudly flys the tricolor. PHOTO courtesy of Corey McDaniel.

nder the continuos fire of Canons, Nikons and smart phones, knights dressed in chain mail and steel plate, battled for the Torneo Internacional De Combate Medieval held recently in Spain.

Fighting for his adopted land and dressed with an Irish high cross, Corey McDaniel from Feakle, Co. Clare, represented Ireland.

Dressed from head to toe, these men of steel, fought with swords, long swords, axes, helmets and shields for the international event.

Corey son of Daniel actually hails from Bellingham in Washington State and is more sailor than soldier in real life but settled now in Feakle and dressed in what looked like his parish priest´s old vestments. Corey represented god and country in the Spanish holy land.

THE BRIGHT KNIGHT RISES: Corey McDaniel at Belmonte Castle.

The green Irish cross vestments certainly returned to the parish a little holier and the McDaniel clan´s bravest son had more than a headache returning to Ireland, sustaining cuts and bruises and taking damage luckily to his helmet and not to his head.

Whether Corey had flown under the green shamrock or the low cost harp, I am sure he had difficulties flying back to the Pale or the Kingdom of Kerry, in his 14th century business suit.

He is returning, not with silver or gold but with the green, white and golden flag borrowed from Maloney´s Pub, for the event. The tournament was started by Russian and Ukranian fighters who continue to dominate despite strong opposition from teams from Arthur´s England and a united new world.

Arriving in Spain and camped at the foot of Belmonte castle where Charlton Heston and Sophie Lorean filmed the 1961 epic, ´El Cid´. Corey befriended two nuns interested in traveling to Ireland, who later invited him to visit their orphanage.

Knighted by one of the nuns, the girls loved clobbering their knight in shining armor. He calls it Battle and Blessings and said the event was very special for the girls and you could even see tears coming to their eyes.

With the help of the U.S. team, Iron Phoenix, Corey brought the young maidens into see the tournament along with Sister Stacey and Sister Ruth.

The fight may be lost but the battle is not over as Corey wants to help the nuns to bring the girls to Ireland and to visit knock and Co Clare.

KNIGHTED: Corey McDaniel entertains children and nuns. PHOTO courtesy of Corey

Reenactments might be fun to watch but for the girls of The Servant Sisters boarding school, one brave knight´s quest could just be a fairy tail come through.

This was the green knight´s first fight but Gorey did very well representing Ireland Medieval Combat team and the fine folks in Feakle. I am sure trumpets will be heard in Maloney´s Pub when Corey returns with the green, white and gold he brought for luck.

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