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White Trash

Updated: Sep 13

Lockdown Voices TRASHY

I have never understood the awful term "White Trash" as a description for people until I saw this pool party in Philidelphia.

White Trash is a disgusting description for poor people or people considered trashy but when you are literally swimming in your own filth in a rented skip, White Trash is the only description that comes to mind.

I don't know if they are dirt poor or not but filling dumpsters from fire hydrants doesn't sound safe and considering the dangers of a pool party pandemic, I would literally skip that.

2020 has been one dumpster fire after another so I guess things are starting to cool down but come on Philidelphia, don’t be so dumb, renting a dumpster so you can swim in your own filth, it's disgusting.

TV`s The Fresh Prince of Philly Will Smith and the disgusting pandemic pool party below.


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