• Morgan Fagg

Where do children today get off telling people about saving the environment?

Greta Thunberg has been quick to point out that Climate Change and Global Warming are dangerous for the planet but does she ever listen to their suggestions?

No she only listens to what scientists have to say.

Scientists with their white coats and their fancy haircuts, studying data and models that show significant damage and a ticking time bomb for the planet. But does she ever listen to Donald Trump’s bomb suggestions? Donald Trump has on two occasions questioned why we don’t just nuke hurricanes? Well actually, it is alleged that he asked once about nuking them and a second time about bombing them without specifying what kind of bomb he wanted to use.

That is the difference between the two world leaders, one is uneducated and the other is just ignorant.

Greta Thunberg hasn’t even finished her studies as she has been too busy educating the world on the perils of our environmental ways to ever listen to the man who appoints Betsy De Vos to be his Education Secretary and who had his own university which was shut down when all the students sued him.

Some people have criticised the teenager for her outspoken ways and she has had to defend her Aspergers Syndrome to critics but who would you trust in a Trump Casino, Rain man or Donald Trump?

Greta has not yet received her own education as she has been too busy educating us, while Donald Trump can barely grasped the concept that his wife has a son (with him).

I still find it hard to imagine that we have the uneducated trying to teach the ignorant. When will she learn that there is a reason he hides his high school results, university results and lack of results while in office?

Greta doesn’t even have her education but Donald Trump has his. Sadly he also holds young Americans education ransom as they practice active shooter drills and he has an estimated 7,000 nukes at his little greedy finger tips if Stormy Daniels or Hurricane Dorian ever come near Alabama.

Stay out of schools kids, stay out of school. This is not an active-shooter drill. Stay out of school.

People criticise Greta Thunberg and call her "Mentally ill" but the difference between her and Donald Trump is that she has Aspergers and he can’t even spell Hamburger. Sad

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