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When will they learn?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Don't invite friends over for quarantine might sound like obvious advice you shouldn't have to give your children as they go to college especially as some colleges have gone as far as expelling students who attend parties when they are not supposed to.

We really have to ask, when will they learn if this police bodycam footage of a student is anything to go by.

The short clip below from Inside Edition looks at the incredible moment a student nonchalantly admits that he has Covid-19 and that he has to quarantine and that's why he is staying at home.

If you can't bring the virus to Muhammad than bring Muhammad and all his friends to the virus party.

In this short clip, you will see why 30 million people have been infected and I hope this viral Covidiot goes viral and teaches these dumb students a thing or two about not wearing a mask when on camera.

If I was the officer I would be calling in re-enforcements, and SWAT wearing hazmat suits to stop the spread of stupidity in fraternities.

Don Lemmon's CNN even called for him to be expelled which you can see in the video below.

COVER IMAGE: A .gif I made of Policia in Madrid.

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