• Morgan Fagg

What Planet Are We On?

Here's to Planet Jedward, those identical twins from Planet X who feature in Sharknado 3, 4 and 5 and have been a very unlikely singing success since finishing sixth in X Factor in 2009.

Full of energy, the brothers Grimes, John and Edward have made a name for themselves with advertising, theatre, tv and hmmm Sharknado films.

In what is known as the Jedward paradox, they managed to succeed despite a lack of serious singing skills in the X Factor talent show where the Dublin twins were described as being tone-deaf at times but later found themselves representing Ireland in Eurovision 2012.

A bit like Marmite, you might love or loathe the loud lads from Lucan but you certainly can't argue with their message and appeal to protect people with underlying health conditions.

I'm not sure what planet we are on but it is clear that Jedward still rule and a friend shared the following commentary online with the Planetjedward tweet.

If someone had told you during X Factor 2009 that Jedward would go on to be the voice of reason during a global pandemic, you would probably have thought that they were insane...yet here we are, we live in the strangest of times. #WearAMask

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