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What Joker organized the strike?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Who thought that organizing a strike on the Metro's anniversary was a good idea?

As someone who uses public transport on a daily basis, you hope that those timetables and smartphone apps might actually mean something and that the trains will arrive on time and have space for you onboard.

I've seen delay after delay, problem after problem and excuse after excuse when it comes to public transport.

Organizing a strike on the Metro's anniversary on Thursday the 17th of October 2019 sounds like a pretty disrespectful way to treat customers and the company's legacy.

The strike turned out not to be so bad but considering I see Metro drivers on their mobile phones on a daily basis, some of them more focused on their phones than anything else as they approach my local station and I wonder, are they joking with us?

Seriously are they texting or tweeting or twerking to

music as they pass underground? They are responsible for hundreds of lives squeezed into these sardine cans as we move upstream and between stations.

We can all appreciate the boredom they must experience but after seeing a campaign reminding people of the dangers of being on their phones while on a platform and an example of a person who walked straight off a platform because she was on her phone.

Shouldn't we expect these jokers to pay attention to the job they are paid to do?

Are these drivers laughing at us? As I approached a Metro station I couldn't help but notice The Joker behind the Metro sign, smiling at me.

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