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What if God was one of us?

Released on the 1st of January 2020 anno domini, Messiah will reach millions of followers.

The 2020 tv series Messiah has really impressed me and if you have already seen it then I am probably preaching to the choir but if not, then check out Netflix’s new series and see if you become a follower of this polemic political plot of biblical proportions.

Set in Israel, Iraq, Syria and Washinton D.C. I wonder how such a controversial script was ever approved. The show is fantastic, both production and cast and the writing must be coming from the good book.

I watched the excellent 2004 film The Passion of Christ directed by Mel Gibson but let’s be honest it is literally two hours of torture to watch and I had no interest in a story of Jesus Christ until my girlfriend said we should check out the new series after hearing mention of it at a Comedy club recently.

Finding a voice for Jesus, Netflix has him speaking beautifully in parables and the mysterious lead character is played by Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi.

There are so many questions to ask about this story and some of them involve the original source material.

The bible was written by many people and some chapters aren’t even included but I’m going to presume you know the bible basics and ask what is a miracle and what is a modern miracle?

Jesus fed people with the loaves and the fishes and I believe the number is nothing compared with Michelin chef José Andrés who has fed millions of people in disaster zones around the world and has fed as many as 75,000 in a day. That is 15 times more than Jesus fed with bread and fish.

To me it is incredible but not a miracle but what if someone performed a modern miracle? How would we justify what we saw? Was it photoshopped, an optical illusion, power of suggestion or just a parlour trick? It’s not like magicians have never walked on water after all.

How would the world react to a man from the Arab or Muslim world who said he was the Messiah?

How would security treat him, how would law enforcement and intelligence agencies?

How would the Pope and world leaders react to the Second Coming considering many world leaders commit atrocities in god’s name or say that they are Christians?

Donald Trump has destroyed the lives of thousands of children at the American border but people call him a saviour and say that he was chosen by God to be president.

Clearly God is registered in a Swing State but Concentration Camps are not a Christian example when we look at Jesus feeding the hungry and sick.

How would Jesus explain his plan knowing, full well that nobody wants to hear it and that people didn’t take too kindly to him two thousand years ago?

There are many many miracles in the world but I can’t imagine a voice easily appearing from the Middle East especially when we see the political difficulties in Jerusalem.

I’m sure many children called Jesus have crossed the deserts looking for hope only to find themselves imprisoned by religious fanatics like Vice President Mike Pence and a tragic case that happened last Christmas when a young boy died in a Concentration Camp on Christmas Day.

If Jesus Christ were to come back, then we would need to look very busy or start working on peace in the Middle East, cleaning up the environment and start doing God’s work like José Andrés from Barcelona.

Critics have been critical of the new Netflix show but I'm anxious to know if he is the Messiah or just a very naughty boy.

LIFE OF CHRIST: Terry Jones who died yesterday in the classic Monty Python film, Life of Brian.

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