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What do you see? Modern day Nazis?

It almost looks identical to an Iphone but what is it?

It is difficult to know what is real and not real sometimes and this photograph appears to show a man dressed in a German uniform using a smartphone.

Look closely at the picture and it is hard not to see a phone in his hand and it looks like the kind of photograph that you see on the internet that questions if time travel exists. The kind of photograph you might see next to a picture of Vladimir Putin and a picture of a WWI soldier who looks just like him.

What is in his hand is unknown at first but just because it looks like a modern phone, doesn't mean it isn't something much more mundane and commonplace for the time. The way he is looking at it is just like a phone but it could be the same look if reading a notebook or maybe reading an inscription on a lighter even though the size doesn't seem right for a ciggarette lighter.

The size also seems wrong for a thin magazine where the soldier could be looking to see how many bullets are in the magazine.

Fortunately, someone posted this picture in the comment section of the original Facebook post and the mystery is quickly solved as being nothing more than a movie set.

There have been many images of actors wearing watches and things like clothes that arent age appropriate for particular scenes or actors like Kirsten Dunst dressed like Marie Antonette, looking at an MacAir but this photo, photoshopped really creates the impression of a German soldier checking his phone.

How many more photos will we see on Social Media in the future that make us question what exactly we are seeing.

Speaking of Nazis, Donald Trump recently retweeted a video of his Democratic rival playing a song on his phone. The song Biden played was Despacito which means slowly in Spanish but the edited version which Trump wasted no time in playing was a song from NWA called Fuck the Police.

America is divided with rioting throughout the US and Trump is selling Republicans the fear that ANTIFA will destroy the country if his opponent is elected.

ANTIFA short for ANTI-FAscist is Trump's biggest fear and it is a fear we can expect him to repeat and repeat and repeat until he sells his lie and the anti-ANTIFA side wins.

What do you see? Modern Day Nazis?

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