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What do you know about Jack the Ripper?

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

August 31st 1888 and a body of Mary-Ann Nichols is found on Buck´s Row

What do you know about Jack, 130 years since his first attack?

Down in London’s East End, where women met, a wicked end.

All we know is: he is a man, his name was Jack and he wore a top hat.

Did I miss anything? Is that all the facts?

Do we even know, how many women were killed? Think about that

You don’t really know Jack

What about his, cape and top hat, who saw him, wearing that?

Who ever saw Jack?

Speculation of Jill the Ripper, her case, takes shape.

Did she lure women into, a false sense of security or murder in a jealous rage?

Did she eliminate competition, from her game?

Was she a wife or midwife?

Maybe her husband, shared with her, something, he shouldn’t have.

Does that explain, the sexless, violent groin attacks?

Was it a royal? How about that?

WIth a surgeon, hot on their heels, butchering bastard grandchildren of the Queen

Only one woman saw the attack, she saw more than one man at that

and they cut to the bone and hacked, she soon died after that

But she was not an official Ripper attack, some people are sure of that

A Jewish man, saw another woman attacked

her husband, he wrongfully assumed

But out jumped, another man,

wearing a hat, to chase him away

The woman he saw, on the 30th of September

now part of history, known forever as the Double Event

But remember, our Jewish friend

Now a wanted man, his account, questioned

Two women, two murders

but we never mention the second man

Eye witness reports are so unreliable,

they only saw the bloody attacks,

where is the police work in that?

When the Titanic sank, people saw it tear in half,

they were wrong of course, officially in stayed intact.

Do we really know Jack?

Do we even know, how many women he attacked?

think about that, while I adjust my top hat

Two women murdered and two men seen

How did Jack blitz attack so many women, without been seen or heard?

How did a police man, find a bloody body where

he had eaten a sandwich just half an hour before?

How does a man, covered in arterial blood,

run with organs from eviscerated women?

The answer my friend, there may have been two men,

A double act for the Double Event

In the 1970s, police chased, the taped voice of The Yorkshire Ripper

But in the shocking end, they discovered a prankster instead

Dear Boss, Forget from Hell,

what if we have been, instead, mislead?

Have we all been fooled?

Half a kidney but from whom? Victim or animal?

No conclusion,

no cape, no top hat,

we had a pair of jacks,

Maybe its as simple as that

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