• Morgan Fagg

His Story

The oldest man I know,

a living legend in Athlone.

There lived a man who lived at home,

the kind who keeps an aluminium sword,

like the ones used by William Wallace.

A Braveheart who fought for both sides

at the Battle of Sterling Bridge and again

at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298.

Who reenacted the Siege of Athlone of 1691 and lifeguarded at triAthlone 2007.

A man who has defended Athlone Castle and given guided tours, who has done sentry duty at the old Victoria Barracks in Athlone where horses went to die and be eaten alive on the horrible Western Front and German spies were to be detained during World War Two in Custume Barracks Athlone where a battalion battled so bravely in the Belgian Congo far from a presidential home in Athlone, where leaders would go if World War Three broke out, I'm sure with bunk beds in the bunker to pull the blankets high up over, should the Cold War heat up.

My friend and brother in arms, A man who can read a book in a day and smoke a hundred a day.

Born around the time of Harry Potters fictitious birthday, he who shall not be named is 47 today.

So soldier on Sargent through this time and blow out those candles with a smile.

And we will have drinks in Luain´s Inn, another time.

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