• Morgan Fagg


Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Ten years ago, while in Berlin, I developed a toothache and visited a German dentist who I unfortunately couldn’t understand.

Returning to Ireland I visited an English speaking dentist and was given a few options.

One was to remove the tooth and I did even though this was not advised by the dentist.

The poor girl suggested I could take out the tooth which I thought was rotten to the core.

She yanked and yanked and yanked with pliers and finally pulled the bloody tooth.

It turned out the rotten tooth was not as rotten as I thought but actually twice the size that I imagined.

I should have listened to the dentists in Ireland and Germany because what do I know about teeth?

The molar I removed with the rotten corner has left a noticeable void in my mouth.

While not without a voice and with only a slightly lesser bite at least I only removed a tooth.

Some crazy fool would have ruthlessly removed all their other teeth while in Europe.

Imagine removing 27 teeth but at least with nuclear submarines, England will never be fully toothless.


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