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Tomorrow Is Never Golden Enough

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

NEVER drink and drive, you'll spill your drink

Tomorrow Is Never Golden Enough

The name is Flemming, Ian Flemming, the mind behind James Bond, the man with both a GOLDEN Typewriter and a Midas touch,

I'm sure the Gold Royal typewriter came a little later. Just like his GOLDEN girls and his GOLDEN typewriter, its very interesting to see how dark things get when we boldly write the words BLACK.

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN run, who wrote continuously about the Cold War might find his train has run out of steam and things have heated up with the words BLACK inserted.

Is Idris Alba the next Bond?

No, would I like to see him in the role, absolutely but THE WORLD is never satisfied ENOUGH. English actor, Idris Alba has an impressive resume but unfortunately his parents didn't die in a skiing accident, making him not Bond enough for the role.

GOLDFINGER, Flemming wrote pure gold from his residence, GOLDENEYE and on a GOLD ROYALE typewriter.

Would Ian Flemming approve of a black Bond? Would he be a Mr No on the matter? Well Mr Flemming died in 1964 so let's forget about the idea of a black Bond. Forget it, Dame Judi Dench, get out of here, No Country For Old Men or women, sorry Javier Bardem. Black moneypenny give your role back to Lois Maxwell, wait born Lois Ruth Hooker on Valentine´s Day 1927, the lovely but deceased Miss Moneypenny might need reviving,  ONLY TO DIE ANOTHER DAY.

Back to Brosnan´s secretary Samatha great name Bond perhaps, not that Moneypenny is James Bond´s secretary but M´s PA. Too many letters here but does M played by a woman need a woman as a secretary, back in 1964? How many well dressed women does this office need?

Thanks to Blofield, well the original Blofield, James Bond is a faithful husband with EYES FOR ONLY THE WORLD, good thing his wife has a LIVE AND LET DIE policy and not a YOU ONLY DIE TWICE attitutde.

African America Felix Leiter(s) might not work either as I don't see an African America having security clearance in a Trump run CIA unless it is time to finally make the dreadfully titled 007 IN NEW YORK. Black Bond better not go to Fifth Avenue unless he thinks he can get A VIEW TO A KILL of THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN skin who was sent FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE as Putin thinks THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, TOMORROW.

Yes you know the Grab em by the OCTOPUSSY guy, the man trying to destroy both the environment and endangered species. The first US president to not have a pet meaning even Ernest Blofield can't trust him.

FROM RUSSIA TO NEW YORK, THE WORLD has changed since 1964, will 007?

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