• Morgan Fagg

To the guy touching his mask at the bar.

Stop touching your mask. You’re driving people crazy

Dressed in a blue top and blue surgical mask, one guy fidgeted constantly with his mask in a bar, removing the mask to scratch his nose and then constantly repositioning it through-out the night as one of his friends who was also wearing a blue surgical mask, stopped him and chastised him for constantly touching his mask.

Pausing before the onslaught of criticism, his friend’s frustrated reaction showed he was trying his best to hold back but couldn’t and then he looked at his friend and said,

“this is the problem, you keep touching your mask, you’re like a child in school, they are constantly touching their masks and repositioning them. Leave it alone.”

He went on to state all the things we already know about wearing masks such as not placing them on tables and not playing with them and repositioning them but in my defence because I am the fidgeting fool in this story that had to be told off about mask etiquette even after six-months of a global pandemic which shut Spain down for over 100 days.

My mask was itching me as the fibres irritated my nostrils and it is easy to tell a child to stop fidgeting but the reality is that masks can be annoying and before I start teaching groups of children, my bad habits, maybe I need to find a type of mask that is more comfortable for me.

Be honest with yourself, masks can be annoying and from the very first moment that people were told, not advised but told not to touch their faces, the health official touched her face.

I have never subscribed to this advice because I don’t think it is possible to not touch your face or mask through-out a day but as much as I try to avoid touching my face, I think I need to listen to my friend who now sees me as frigidity kid who clearly has to do some homework on comfy masks.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but maybe I need to stop touching my mask fast.

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