• Morgan Fagg

Time Flies when the World has the Flu

What's the matter champ?

(Originally written on April 7)

"What's the matter champ?" That's how the old 1,2 Uniflu advertisement starts off.

The classic and simple advertisement depicts a sluggish boxer who is not at his best.

His coach recommends he takes some Uniflu and the cartoon champion lives to fight another day.

Unlike the badly drawn boxer in the cartoon, Donald Trump walks into press conferences, sniffing into the microphones and fighting with journalists who ask him questions.

He sees himself as Rocky and even posted a Photoshopped picture of himself with Slyvester Stallone's body.

He loses every round and most people are asking why he keeps hitting himself.

I am sure Mr. T pities the fool and I wouldn't like to see Trump going up against a Russian fighter.

Funnier yet, I would like to see this fool challenging Dolph Lungrim to an IQ test since the self-proclaimed "Stable Genius" is famous for challenging people to an IQ test.

Dolph Lungrim might not look like the sharpest tool in the shed but with an IQ of 160 and a Chemical Engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Rocky's Russian adversary is an actual genius who would murder Trump in an IQ fight.

Trump started 2020 off to a Rocky start by ignoring Covid-19 as no more harmful as the "Common Cold" and later as a hoax to defeat him.

There are no challengers looking to hit below the belt yet Donald Trump keeps losing round after round and appears to be actually hitting himself as he defends his Russian opponent.

Maybe Covid-19 has decided to challenge this sniffling fool and his HIGH IQ.

Maybe Donald Trump has finally met his match and shouldn't have fancied himself as the fierce fighter, Slyvester Stallone once pretended to be and his narscistical tweet on November 2019 certainly hasn't aged well.

The American champion might stand a chance in an IQ test against Dolph Lundgrim but why are Republicans taking the unpatriotic attitude towards the elderly, "If they die, they die?"

Do they not know that they need the elderly to Make America Great Again?

Time flies when fighting the flu but unlike Slyvester Stallone's underdog comeback, Donald Trump still hasn't put on a pair of gloves, essential in winning this fight, the gobshite.

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