• Morgan Fagg

Thoughts in the Dark

Covid-19 should give us much to think about and I love this poem by JP Burke which looks at the power of a flickering flame when the power goes out and I think JP is right that we should forget the Ferraris and fame and look to that tiny little flame and invest in candles, for the storms ahead.


And so she came as they said she would - Storm Ellen was her name And she would be a formidable force - a wild destructive dame She swept in from the ocean - across the southern coast 'I'll show these feckin' Corconians' - that was her dreadful boast And we would have been quite happy - if she had stayed down south She wasn't supposed to come up midlands way - of that there was no doubt But come she did, the thunderin' bitch - with wind that was obscene She must have feasted before she came - on every last baked bean She blew down trees and slates off roofs - sent trampolines flying high But then she did something else - which was particularly sly She knocked out our electricity - not just for an hour or two But for over thirty long hours - the dirty shameless shrew And that is why I'm sitting here - with candles glowing bright No television, no radio - a technological barren night But as I look at the candles - I feel a peace and sense of calm The sultry dark, the flickering light - like a truly heavenly balm Outside my door, darkness prevails - Covid 19 still at rage This world-wide pandemic - that has locked us in a cage But despite all this, the candles burn - their light a light of hope That no matter what this virus brings - as people we will cope And God above will give us strength - in ways we might not know He walks this road with us - thought His footsteps might not show The whole world thinks this virus - has been a blight on all But look around at all of those - who have answered the great call Our doctors and our nurses - the workers in our shops The sporting clubs who've reached out - our much maligned cops The neighbours checking in each day - to see that we're all okay All these things are God saying - 'I'm showing you the way To get back to be the people - that I made you to be Away from the greed of life - that took you away from Me In this great life challenge - your humanity now shines through And know that when you reach out - I am there for you' And now the candles are burning low - but hope still brightly burns We will traverse this difficult road - with all its twists and turns In God above we place our trust - through each other hand in hand And togetherness and decency - will once more walk this land.

CANDLEPOWER: Easter Mass at Coosan Point reflecting that flickering light far across the water.

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