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Thomas Jeffrey ​Hanks for President

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Run Thomas Run

TJH not only sounds presidential but you are probably trying to think of one reason why THanks shouldn't be the next actor to move into the White House and are probably struggling to find fault with him as a candidate

Seriously name a genre this guy can't play? Granted we haven't seen him in a presidential role before but this guy can do it all.

Even when he sleeps with the fishies, this guy makes a Splash. Playing a gay guy got him an Oscar. Even named after the leader of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest and a little simple, he got another Academy award and his character Forrest Gump served with distinction in Vietnam before taken down Nixon's government with his questions about The Watergate.

To the presidency and beyond.

Thomas Jefrey Hanks like Ronald Reagan has a long history of playing cowboys in films but Tom Hanks has also reached for the stars and wanted to be an astronaut.

This NASA lover became both an actor and asteroid instead. He is a member of the National Space Society and has produced tv series about the moon landings and has even had an asteroid named after him, 12818 Tomhanks.

in 1995 Tom Hanks teamed up with his Vietnam colleague Lieutenant Dan, to save the crew of Apollo 13.

Houston might have a problem if he shuts down Trump's Space Force but the Apollo actor has had his share of space adventures.

Tom Hanks doesn't need Buzz Lightyear and the Apollo 13 star is the only man who can find Matt Damon if he ever gets stuck on Mars again and unlike Donald J Trump, Thomas J Hank has actually fought Nazis.

The Oscar winner is from California which gives him 55 electoral votes without even opening his mouth. 55 Electoral College votes is more than 10% of the total Electoral College vote of which he only needs 51% to win.

Tom Hanks' films have grossed 9 Billion worldwide making his contribution to society slightly less than the fictional figures quoted by self-proclaimed Billionaire Donald Trump.

He received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barrack Obama in 2016 and internationally he has received the French Legion of Honour for his support of World War II veterans.

Even in Obama's White House and now Trump's residence, Tom Hanks is serving the nation as the actor has generously donated coffee machines to the press pool in the past.

WILSON: Who doesn't want to see Trump and Melania Castaway and Tom Hanks with his wife Rita Wilson joining him as First Lady?

Look at the Simpsons version of Tom Hanks speaking on behalf of the American government below and remember that the Simpsons previously predicted Trump's tv presidency down to a T.

DESCENT INTO MADNESS: Even Homer would have made a better tv president.

HOW PRESIDENTIAL? T.J.H. even has a Pee Pee tape with President Kennedy.

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