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This POST will make SOME CROSS

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

OH LORD, Call me a doubting Thomas but is that who I think it is on the beach?

Earth to earth, dust to dust and sand to sand, this wasn't going to end well for the body of Christ.

Someone, let's just call him The Creator, made an incredibly beautiful life-size statuesque model of Jesus Christ crucified.

There was no collection box or offering to be made, just an incredible sand sculpture.

Not the first time I have seen Jesus on a Spanish beach but certainly unusual for me to hang with him on a beach. Sunbathing at the right-hand side of our lord.

I don't have a selfie with this magnifiSAND creation but believe me, it did bring me closer to god.

Sitting next to this sculpture, I found this amazing sculpture hilarious and immediately thought of some religious puns. PUNished for my sins, my mother had always warned, "mocking is catching" and while I didn't get sick after taking a sick day, I did turn a cheek and regretted my cheeky comments.

I immediately started to think of some funny comments for Surfer Jesus while at a meal with a group of people and within a few days I had hurt my back and a lady in the group was rushed to hospital with a suspected heart attack quicker than you can say Last Supper.

Spain is a religious country with an extreme religious past. Since the Moors left, Spain has enjoyed the infamous and bloody Spanish Inquisition and while the country might not be as spiritual as it once was, saints names and celebrations are still frequent and I once saw a crib in a fish tank in Alicante at Christmas time. All we need is some loaves and you will see why the fish is a religious icon and Pisces will rejoice that we are not yet in the age of Aquarius.

Jesus, surrounded by fish and animals in his crib.

All I´ll say is, if Boris Johnson gets robbed by some mailboxes at a bank while he attacks women who wear burkas, niqabs and hijabs, then we can all believe in Karma. No matter your own believes, please respect others.

We can all joke about different religions but sometimes, you will find out, it's not funny at all.

CREATION:Someone spent their time on a sunny beach in Spain to create this magnificent sculpture.

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