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Smoking kills but I'm sure you knew that already. I am sure all those signs on cigarette packets that people ignore have at least made some of us aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

But what about cars? Shouldn't we label cars with the same warnings? Shouldn't our smoking boxes that we use to drive kids to school and the park actually warn people that pollution kills?

Shouldn't we question our health and safety especially around children?

You cannot smoke in a car when there are children present but inhaling fumes in a traffic jam seems just fine to society.

If you take a tube from your car's exhaust and put it inside your car and then seal up the windows good and tight, nothing will happen.

The atmosphere in your car is fine and probably smells of air freshener but if you turn on the engine and breathe in that same air that is mixing with the contaminates from your engine and only your engine, you will die.

If you don't believe me, I'm certainly not advising that you try.

These death machines are on the road, you can see them everywhere. They may not have a tube going from the exhaust to the cabin and they certainly don't come with a health warning like other smoking boxes that can kill you but these machines are constantly pumping out toxic gases, mile after mile and year after year.

Joining a cycling protest on Wednesday night, I cycled a short distance to meet the group in Callao when I realised the reason why the protest was so important.

The quality of air I was breathing was horrible. It smelt horrible and tasted horrible.

When I met with the cycling group in Callao, I was offered a mask to wear and I decided to take it and use it. With the absence of rain and wind, this pollution isn't easily dispersed and on Wednesday July 3 you could really smell, feel and taste this horrible contamination.

The question is, with City Hall reversing the environmental initiative Madrid Central, who will label this danger as what it is?

PHOTOS from Bicicivica: https://www.bici-civica.nohemingway.com

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