• Morgan Fagg

They all float

It's Friday's for Future today and I have already been out photographing protestors in the streets of Madrid and everyone of us, talking today about Climate Change are doing it because one girl with Aspergers Syndrome stayed out of school.

A Swedish girl speaking in her second language has championed the whole world. Well done but not everyone is pleased with the "Mentally ill child" and have lashed out at her.

In one televised segment, her speech was compared to The Children of the Corn and I agree her scary speech does sync up well with the Stephen King story but to me, she looks more like Georgie and we are running out of time as clowns elected in recent years have taken the attitude that, "They All Float."

Georgie is the first child to die in the Stephen King film IT and the it is not surprising that Greta Thunberg has had her hand bitten off by many people online.

We do all float of course, to a certain extent anyways but I don't remember that part in the bible where everyone survived the flood by floating. We need to look at sea level rise, Climate Change and simple ways to change the world.

Protesting will achieve nothing but it is a step in the right direction as children too young to vote, vote with there feet and countries have already started to address Climate Change which is not a new concept as environmentalists have been successfully ignored for decades.

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