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The Trouble with Tribbles & Kitties

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Captain's Blog, Today's date is 1st of April 2024 or at least it feels like a few years since I have been quarantined to my cabin as the world has boldly gone in exploration of indoor space.

I expect by the end of this, we will find images of Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Besos living on a moonbase or on a crater of Mars.

Jeff Bezos will probably still expect premium service from delivery men being paid minimum wage for their round trip to Mars.

While people struggle to Live Long and Prosper during these difficult times, I am left wondering, how our species will evolve from this moment in time and I remember 1B.C. when my parents were planning to visit me in Madrid this time last year and I advised them against it as I imagined Brexit chaos in airports. Just like we saw a few months ago with the collapse of Thomas Cook which of course was affected by Brexit.

In their early 70s, I didn't want them travelling from Dublin to Madrid as I imagined a contagion of chaos caused by a hard Brexit that would have affected other European flights.

I predicted terrible trouble if the original Brexit date of March 29th actually happened as markets would have woken up on Monday morning to discover April Fools' Day isn't the best day to tell people what changes were being made in one of the world's largest economies.

Nothing on the news or radio can be believed on April Fools Day, at least not until noon and it would only have taken someone with no funds in their bank account to cause panic in the streets as people would start queuing at ATMs like they needed toilet paper in a supermarket today.

Common sense is in short supply on April 1st and having 70-year-old parents visit you for your birthday was not a wise decision in my mind but that was 1 year Before Coronavirus (1 B.C.) and our fears were very different just a few short months ago.

My birthday is coming at the end of Lockdown but I was originally due on the 1st of April and continue to see myself as a late April Fool.

Today, there are no flights, and my parents have to "Cocoon" at home.

I am not sure what cocoon means as I don't really remember that Steve Guttenberg sci-fi film.

Life is what happens when you are making plans and I guess I am the April Fool for telling my parents not to travel, this time last year. For their golden anniversary, I travelled home to Ireland but tragically I had to leave on the day of their party as my girlfriend's mother was unwell and passed away as I made my way back to Spain. It was her 69th birthday and Anna was visiting her at the time.

As difficult as it was for Anna to deal with the loss of her mother at the time, we can't imagine how families are coping with Coronavirus at the moment. Could Anna have stayed with her mother in those last few days if she was in hospital dealing with Covid-19? Could hospital staff have taken care of her while coping with Coronavirus?

Anna lost her father 20 years earlier. He was a surgeon who specialised in delivering babies but he died in his 40s. Today we are seeing far too many doctors and nurses dying in their prime because of a pandemic people said was no more harmful than the common cold.

I am sure the medical profession that survives will not appreciate such comments and my heart goes out to all the people in Italy, Iran, China and here in Spain who lost their lives, while watching people wearing masks, crying. How have families coped watching caskets of loved ones being lined up?

When Anna's mother passed away, we inherited a furry little Treble and as Anna telecommutes to work like George Jetson each morning and I "Engage" in classes "On Screen," we will have to learn to love these little furry Trebles that are filling up our apartment, in our own little quadrant of space.

No one knows the future, certainly not an April Fool like me but like Leonard Nimoy, so beautifully said, "Live Long and Prosper."

There are no transporters and only empty shuttle buses driving around the city but there is Skype, there is Facetime and there are communicators even if loved ones are cocooned behind glass.

No matter how far far away you are from loved ones, let them know that you are fine and care.

Final Voyage: Anna's mother was laid to rest beside her husband and my parents flew over to pay their respects. Her sister, niece and her niece's husband flew over too.

They are all pictured together with Anna's brother, his wife, and his daughter. They are pictured together looking like an away team about to be beamed up but such flights and funerals are impossible at the moment and worse still, mass graves in Iran are visible from space.

Enjoy your space, put on some old Star Trek if you are bored or check out Picard on Amazon Prime.

And we'll see you in the future.

TEAMWORK: Anna is busy taking calls while I stick to the big screen for Skype classes.

THE TROUBLE WITH KITTIES: Tribbles taking over the couch and the computer.

GOOD BOY: Samba, Mimi and Spock in reverse order and Bobo with Anna below.

CONTINUED INDEFINITELY: Anna, Bobo, Mimi, Samba and I and lots of technology inside.

Continuing this voyage into Star Trek fandom, Let's look at how Chief O'Brien is doing on Lockdown using memes mostly taken from Roddy Doyle's Star Trek Facebook page and look at some "Fascinating" fandom stories.

But first, It's Life Jim looks at the world of Star Trek and our world today on Lockdown.


JUST BOLDLY GO TO https://www.nohemingway.com/post/roddy-doyles-star-trek

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