• Morgan Fagg

The School of Hard Knocks

Welcome to the school of hard knocks

The lesson not taught in any class

Young and tough,

my nephew will quickly forget,

this little slip up

and the karate class he missed

Running in the rain,

doesn’t alway end in pain,

take it from your uncle in Spain

The first step, like the karate class you missed,

demonstrates there is always someone,

ready to knock your block off,

even if that person is yourself

You are not just a brick in the wall,

this schools welcomes all,

young and small, old and tall

If your lesson is learnt

and you are reading this with a smile

you can pass the first wet step

No entrance exam,

you are always welcome at

the school of hard knocks

Knock knock, who's there?

Charlie dusting himself off,

Now go get them champ

I have a black belt in slip ups

January 19, 2019 En Madrid

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