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The Rule of Thirds

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Every other week, I try to add some photos to a photography website that runs a weekly challenge and this weekend's challenge was about the rule of thirds where photographers try to capture the most important aspects within the four central points that cross in the middle of nine squares. These sweet spots are generally regarded as the best position to place your subject but rather than submitting my own photography, I was very tempted to post a picture of the Trump children as the "Rule of Turds" instead which would have been in violation of the rules on submitting copyright material. I am sure some people might have enjoyed my commentary but as much as these superspreaders have infected every aspect of society, we have to chose to ignore them and get on with our own lives.

I bit my tongue and posted a picture I took ten years ago and was rewarded with some very positive feedback rather than the potential backlash of photographers annoyed at the perversion of the forum with sargastic satire about the Trump administration.

We will all have to develop from a negative whenever Trump leaves office and I'm sure photography will play a part in capturing the good times ahead of us.

Last week when my girlfriend fell and badly sprained her ankle, I gave her a tripod as a crutch which she really appreciated until the nearby orthopedic store opened.

Let's all try to put our best foot forward and put our photography to good use and capture the important things that matter and the trivial things that make us smile and I am writing a blog on some of the amateur photographers who brighten up my Instagram and Facebook feeds with images from the Irish countryside and everyday citylife in Madrid.

FEEDBACK: This is fabulous, i love the fingers pointing up to draw attention to the face at those two key power points on the keft, and the leading line/perspective of that (impressive) lens reinforcing the focus on the face. I think canon should nick this ;)

RULE THE WAVES: Keep smiling, keep snapping and hopefuly Anna (above) will soon be back on both feet and off my Monfrotto tripod.

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