• Morgan Fagg

The C Word

Her life was very simple,

birthday presents and curfews

but then they lost the family business

and were forced to leave their home

Benjamin Franklin said,

“In life nothing is certain

but death and taxes,”

her family suffered the Devil’s arithmetic

A bureaucratic nightmare,

declarations and family separations

her simple life, quiet as a mouse,

never leaving the house, gone

Her family was separated,

she missed a lot of school

I wonder if she even cared,

when she got a tattoo

but before their separation,

her parents sheltered her,

from the world outside

and kept her out of school

no marijuana in Amsterdam

no nights out just lights out

birthday presents with a strict curfew

A life behind a bookshelf,

to learn about the world

but then they lost the family business

her father’s secret life no longer hidden

and the house he had built

without planning permission

What would this young writer think

about our modern world

if @AOC didn’t have the courage

to say the nasty C word?

They took them to the "Holocaust centres"

and separated Anne Frank's family.

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