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The BREXIT Breakfast

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

Good morning, buenos dias and Guten Morgen

My name is Morgan and I am here to talk about the BREXIT Breakfast. What is that?

The Brexit Breakfast is a Full Irish/ Full English breakfast that has changed in some way from the Breakfast served before April Fools Day.

We are talking about the Best Before March 2019, BREXIT and as I don’t know what BREXIT is, I’m not writing a cookbook just yet.


There is little difference between a Full Irish and a Full English Breakfast so let’s take them as being the same thing and since I don’t know what one is called in Northern Ireland, let’s imagine my Full Irish or Full English is delicious and that I’m not just full of it.

Breakfast is just one meal in the day but they say it is the most important so let’s get cooking, we are going to need some Eggs, Rashers and Sausages to begin with.

It varies from place to place but you can have some mushrooms, beans, black and white pudding and fried potatoes, chips or American Hash browns, hmmmmm I love hash browns.

Most places will give you a Tomato too and you can add some brown or red sauce and mop it up with some brown or white bread, probably toasted.

Down all of that with some tea or coffee and an optional glass of Orange Juice. Delicious.


We don’t know how different a BREXIT Breakfast is from a normal breakfast but I imagine we are quickly going to see a change in costs or quality to taste.

Hmmmmm, deliciously expensive.

So why would we see a change?

As we topple over the apple cart of uncertainty, lets ask if people and products are going to be effected by BREXIT, remembering that the first casualty of BREXIT was a Prime Minister.

It takes a lot to get an MP to resign and for every loser there is a winner, We have a self proclaimed nasty woman behind our tasty treats.

And BREXIT Secretary Dominic Raab just announced that he ‘hadn’t quite understood’ importance of Dover-Calais crossing.

Cooks, farmers, truckers and businesses such as the shops who sell these products will all see the possibility of serious change. April Foolsday is fast on its way and I don’t think we are ready.

The Czech chief or Catalunian cook, French farmer, Belfast butcher, British or Belgian business will all have to ask what changes need to be made and how much time do we have to prepare this meal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but there are many other meals that can be affected by trade and border issues. Can the truck driver get across borders without delays?

Will he need a VISA, will his pigs and cows?

If he is delayed, will that push up prices as he goes into overtime?

Will his company need more men and trucks if his truck is constantly delayed in ports?

Will the people picking mushrooms and tomatoes be deported from EU ports?

Will Oranges turn blue like the new British Passport?

Will British people, keep their European Passport as they realise their job is in another county and their spouse, French or German?

How will butchers, bakers and bankers finance these costly changes?

Will famers close their farms as produce rots or will they thrive?

Will we dish up something fantastic or will we see costs rise or else profits fall?

Will staff see salaries lowered or the quality drop to keep up with additional costs and will we wipe some of the ingredients off our shopping lists?

What does the BREXIT Breakfast mean to you?

Comment with your thoughts on what you eat and where your food comes from.

Let’s spend all day preparing the shopping list, our meal and setting out our table

or a lot of children might be skipping breakfast in the very near future.

Anna and I enjoying a Full Irish in Athlone

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