• Morgan Fagg

Teaching is Forever

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

The bell rings,

the class leaves

and we hope,

the brain swells.

Maths, Science, History,

we remember the past 

but look to the future.

English, Irish, French and German,

to help us communicate,

at home and abroad.

We thought this day would never come, 

the teacher absent from his class,

the exam hall unsupervised.

The bell rings, one final time.

The students rush away,

on their way,

a higher education assured. 

The teachers leave,

the school grounds change,

but the education remains.

He says goodbye to the school,

and exits the doors,

never to be seen, no more.

A higher education awaits, of that, I'm sure.

Dedicated to my own English teacher, Kieran Duffy R.I.P.

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