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Spitting Image and splitting hairs

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Yes we are still ruining her childhood

Teenage activist Greta Thunberg will feature in the tv show Spitting Image and people are questioning if it is right to make fun of the teenager who suffers from aspergers syndrome.

I can't speak for Greta Thunberg but I don't think the mockery of a puppet will hurt her or her cause. I should say our cause as Climate Change needs to be addressed by all of us.

Greta Thunberg has been mocked and attacked before so I'm not sure that she will care too much but we should question that viterol that this teen is exposed to as it is truly awful.

Thunberg has been attacked in the media for using diesel powered trains, she has also been attacked for the use of cobalt which is used in lithium batteries.

I questioned why one of my Facebook friends was attacking her about electric car batteries when clearly she wasn't even old enough to drive at the time.

Yes electric car batteries use a lot of lithium and children being used in mining is horrible.

He defended his critizism of her because she uses smart phones and social media but nobody was talking about the conditions of these mines until they could attack her about it and we were arguing over it on social media.

The irony of the fact that I was on my laptop and he was on his phone was completely lost on him and we are all guilty of the use of lithium batteries in electronics today.

There are many children whose lives have been destroyed by poverty and mining and will be destroyed by Climate Change issues in the future so please get onboard the Thunberg train and fight for all children and stop ruining thier childhood.

MIND THE GAP: Greta Thunberg was heavily criticised for the use of plastics in this picture and was photoshopped with hungry children watching her enjoying her privileged lifestyle.


Poor Miss Thunberg is critized for almost everything she does and I believe her when she says she will start a revolution but the funny comment that her generation can't start a lawnmower is lost on me when people post pictures of actors playing soldiers.

The great Tella Salvas and Clint Eastwood are actors from telly whereas the teen as started a movement followed by oscar winning actors like Leonardo di Caprio and Jane Fonda.

Let's stop splitting hairs about everything she does because a generation of kids might not have the luxury of gas powered lawnmowers that they have to handcrank to keep their garden down. The next generation will have to look at mulching and using long grass as habitants for endangered specis.

With seven Oscar nominations to her credit and two wins, fashionista Jane Fonda is probably fonda the red carpet but has opted in recent years to rewear dresses she has worn in the past and to recyle her outfits. The 82 year old has even started aggressively campaigning on Climate Change as a result of the influence of the girl who isn't yet old enough to vote or smoke.

We all need to address future threaths and stop acting like we are on the Titanic with the attitute of women and children first when it comes to Climate Change and at least Leonardo di Caprio is busy trying to save icebergs as most elected representatives seem to be acting like it is impossible to change our course or even slow down.

The Titanic received plenty of iceberg warnings yet sailed fullspeed into history. Where are we heading and what is our course of action when we attack children telling it as it is?

Greta Thunberg asked people to imagine that their house is on fire and to panic but Republicans with little imagination will have to suffer the consequencies of taking no action and one senator who refused to attend a Climate Change vote so that there wouldn't be a qurum on the debate has since seen his family home burn down in recent wildfires.

The irony and karma is enough to give you a sence of shadenfraude but his actions represent a party, actively harming the environment when we all need to get behind the Spitting Image puppet with the braided hair. I don't think she cares what people say about her but it would be nice if Melania Trump decided to weigh in on the issue of bullying with her BeBest, hate christmas campaign.

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