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My First Spelling Bee

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

In English, their, they´re, there are many words with similar sounds and spellings and on Friday 13th of April, 24 Lucky Students from First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth of Primary, took part in San Luis de los Franceses´ English Department´s inaugural Spelling Bee.

Even though it was Friday the 13th, primary students got to show how well they really know their spellings and how lucky they are.

Hosted by our own Wordsmith, Morgan Fagg, students took turns spelling their words. Each student had to pick a number out of a hat and spell the Word given to them.

Not an easy thing to do, in their third language but they did it very well. Most students were able to answer all their words correctly and were only eliminated when more difficult words were added.

While Bees are normally attracted to flowers, one unlucky contestant had to spell Flour (harina) but our little spelling Bee was naturally more interested in flower.

What is a Spelling Bee exactly?

B is a letter, Be means Ser/Estar and Bee means Abeja but a Spelling-Bee is an American style spelling competition where students demonstrate their ability to spell correctly.

Unlike an American Spelling Bee, our words are mostly spelled, spelt in British English.

Yes, English is difficult, D. I. F. F. I. C. U. L. T., difficult but our busy little bees did great work, learning their lists and showing how well day, they understand sounds and spellings in English.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you Terry, Mrs Chidley, Mr Berry, Mrs Gondocs and Mrs Felices for all your hard work in the English Department and a special thanks to Eduardo for all his help, including photography and the design of diplomas.

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