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Coffee Morning in aid of South Westmeath Hospice

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

By Morgan Fagg & Carlie Sheriff

Six months ago, Anne Sheriff née Fagg passed away peacefully in Athlone Hospital after a prolonged illness. She was the youngest of five children of the late Victor and Una Fagg and was surrounded by her siblings along with her loving husband, children and extended family.

She was also surrounded by the dedicated nursing care who had kept a close eye on her since first becoming sick on Christmas Eve.

Anne grow up in Cornamagh and was educated nearby in Cornamaddy National School, she married Billy Sheriff on the 25th of June 1975 and they returned to Cornamagh from England to be close to family and had three children, Carlie, Danny and David.

Anne saw the best in everyone and her family fondly remember how encouraging she was. She was very artistic and creative but preferred to focus on other people’s gifts. She thought her husband Billy was a genius and that her children could do anything. She was a natural storyteller and used to invent stories to entertain her children. Her daughter Carlie remembers that, “she regaled us with stories she would make up on the spot when we were children.”

Anne spent her life with Billy but also forged lasting relationships with her daughter-in-law Lisa and her children’s friends. One young woman even described the impact of Anne’s loss as, “she wasn’t my friend’s mother but my friend.”

The community grieved her passing and turned out to pay their respects at Flynn’s Funeral Home and with a packed mass held at Kingdom Hall in Kilmacuagh Avenue where Anne had been a devout follower.

Her faith brought her a lot of strength with her diagnosis and the onset of her symptoms. Her calmness and strength surprised even her consultant who couldn’t believe how calm she was but her beliefs helped carry her through.

Anne spent much of her life in the suburb of Athlone, Cornamagh and returned one last time where she was buried in Cornamagh Cemetery. She was laid to rest across from her grandparents, John and Elizabeth Fagg.

South Westmeath Hospice provides services to patients and families in Athlone, South Westmeath and Roscommon areas.

These services are free of charge, for as long as they are needed.

Remembering Anne and those who provided much comfort in the last chapter of her life, A coffee morning in aid of South Westmeath Hospice was held on Saturday morning in her home place Cornamagh House, with friends, family and neighbours all attending and offering much support for South Westmeath Hospice and the work that they do.

For hospice week, help those who help us when we need them most.

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