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Son of Man (English Version)

Son of Man by René Magritte

My favorite painting is Guernica by Pablo Picasso but I have another painting that I really like which was painted by a Belgian artist. His name is René Magritte and the title of the painting is, Son of Man.

I think it's from 1964 and I love this picture because the painting appears in a movie that I really like.

It's an interesting picture but it's not phenomenal, it's a bit basic but it's very important in the storyline of a great movie, The Secret of Thomas Crown. The picture is very famous in its own right but it is a fantastic addition to the storyline of the Tomas Crown remake.

The original Thomas Crown Affair was made in 1968 and starred Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. It is very sexy and clever but Pierce Brosnan's new film (1997) is far better in my opinion because, the protagonist steals art where as Steve McQueen's character just robbed a bank at gunpoint.

Art is very important in the new version and I am very lucky live in a neighbourhood with many incredible works of art. There are billions of euros of art, at the end of my street. Picassos and at least four Van Goghs.

Guernica and The Prado's Mona Lisa. The world famous museum, El Prado has a version of the Mona Lisa from a student of Leonardo di Vinci. It was painted in the same studio as La Gioconda (Mona Lisa) but our Mona Lisa is brighter and has been better cared for over the years.

With three art museums in my neighbourhood, The Tyssen Museum even includes a René Magritte.

René Magritte proudly pictured above in black & white with a version of his painting.

Magritte's painting as pictured above shows a window frame broken but I'm sure his breakthrough was Son of Man. I love the film and I love the symbology of the painting. Behind his business suit there is a man and in the film, he is a very interesting protagonist.

I like the picture so much I even have photos of myself in a suit with an apple in front of my face and my Apple computer has a sticker of Son of Man on it.

APPLES: My iPhone shows a picture of the actual painting while my Apple shows me with an apple.

BREAKING THE MOULD: Looks like this René Magritte frame is broken.

A handful of art: A choice of things to watch, inspired by a trip to see the Prado's Mona Lisa.

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