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Some kind of semaphore? All Boats Matter

These flag holders seem happy to wave their flags in rough waves and when I first heard about this disaster, I presumed the weather was a factor in the sinking of several boats but reading this eye witness account, I can't see billionaire leadership bailing them out. Can you?

How will they explain what happened to their insurance companies? Was it an act of God?

Wasn't Trump sent from God to save them and do they even have insurance if they believe in God?

There are so many questions to be asked here but I'm not sure that Trump is trying to drain anything that is swamped.

Born on Flag Day, Trump is attracted to flags but not always to Old Faithful as his followers seem happy to fly Confederate, Swastika, Blue Lives Matter, and Trump flags in equal measure.

It must be some kind of semaphore but when these protestors parading around Texas start complaining that their boats are sinking, remind them, All Boats Matter.


Since I live on Lake Travis where the recent Texas boat parade fiasco happened, several people have asked for my take on the situation, so here you go:

Most importantly, there were no deaths. At least one person is still in the ICU with a broken back.

I heard 13 vessels were swamped or sank. Law enforcement has not yet released an official number.

Before the parade started, Lake Travis was CALM with no waves larger than ½-foot. Maximum wind gusts were less than 10 knots.

When the parade started, multiple boats cranked up their motors to show off and began creating excessive wakes. Vessels were driven at unsafe speeds in close proximity. This is what created the dangerous conditions that swamped and sank vessels.

Even after vessels started sinking, there was no cooperation with law enforcement or emergency personnel to slow down and/or reduce the wakes.

First responders had to rescue people from sinking boats WHILE OTHER BOATS passed at close distances at speeds that created more wakes and even more dangerous conditions.

The majority of skippers involved showed ZERO CONCERN for the wellbeing of others, or for the damage they were causing with their wakes. All of this could have been averted had they driven their vessels at slower speeds and at safer distances.

So far, I understand all damaged vessels were part of the parade.

We are still awaiting an official report from the Travis County Sheriff's office that has jurisdiction over Lake Travis.

PS: I was AT THE DOCK during all of this, I generally do not leave the dock on holiday weekends — too many amateurs and drunks on the water each Labor Day, 4th of July, and Memorial Day weekends.

—Scott H Sexton

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