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Sky’s the Limit for Athlone Poker Players

Lending a hand for charity has never been so much fun as Athlone poker players chip in to help fundraise for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland.

We all must play the hands we are dealt in life and lucky for those affected by brain injuries, there are people ready to risk it all to help others.

For those game enough to partake in a charity poker night, Harmon Hannon from Coosan, Athlone organised a Texas Hold’em poker night in Dan’s Tavern on Wednesday August 18 2009.

Harmon who specialises in cutting the hair on people’s head was quick to help out fundraising for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland when he first heard about the work done by one of his customers.

Rehabilitation Assistant Geraldine Kiveney who works with Acquired Brain Injury Ireland didn’t bet on meeting a fundraising ally when she went to Color Starz in Coosan to get her hair cut but hairdresser Harmon was not only quick to volunteer to parachute for the brain injury charity but also willing to bet that other poker players would lend a hand.

21 players were game enough to put their money where their mouth is and cash in for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland which helps people in the aftermath of a brain injury.

There are thousands of people with brain injuries and many people affected will be at risk of further brain injuries and changes in personality.

The Texas hold’em poker night was only one part of the fundraising efforts undertaken for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland which included volunteer bag packing and parachuting but luckily the poker night

was a good hand for those affected.

QUEEN OF HEARTS: Thanks to Piret Talves for being my poker model

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