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Let's skip Saint Patrick's Day for 2 days

Updated: Feb 13

An Taoiseach will need to make plans fast for Saint Patrick's Day 2021 and I would hope that he cancels the traditional trip to Washington for something a bit more colourful.

Maybe a military fly-over of Washington could be arranged by the Navy's Blue Angels display team or the USAF's Thunderbirds, to paint the skies green with the Irish tri-colour.

Around the world, people will be looking for an excuse to party and celebrate and the business as usual approach of meeting the American President should be scrapped or run the fear of setting a bad example which is not needed right now.

Let's consider taking a very very different approach this year and invite President Biden for a post Saint Patrick's Day meeting on Friday the 19th which just so happens to be Saint Joseph's Day.

The paternal figure is probably a good icon to celebrate and could set the tone for many people about to go on a Saint Patrick's Day bender.

Cancel the parade but have an online address. Call in every Irish actor and singer for the event and split the bill with the EU who should be delighted to see Joe "I'm Irish" Biden visiting Europe so soon.

Saint Joseph's Day comes two days after Saint Patrick's Day so why not invite Biden to mass in Saint Patrick's Cathedral on his saint's day?


Donal Trump never received the adoration he wanted from Ireland, and Joe Biden will have to unite Americans who are already getting ready for Patty's Day and Civil War so why not cancel An Taoiseach's trip to America, and welcome America back to Europe instead.

I was very disappointed to see the Irish Prime Minister shaking hands with Donald Trump last year as everyone knew not to shake hands by then, and Trump had just announced a European travel ban.

Around Europe you will find that March 19th is also Father's Day in Spain, Portugal and Italy and we could always invite the Pope back to Ireland for this Father's Day event. I believe the Pope learned his English in Dublin, and many people will need to be reminded on Saint Patrick's Day that we have to self-isolate for the sake of our mothers and our fathers.

In the Name of the Father, can we get Daniel Day Lewis dressed as President Lincoln to host the event? We need a colourful approach to this celebration as many will have their own plans made.

Saint Joseph's Day won't take away from Saint Patrick's Day and might just show the world that we are sober and serious about the pandemic. Joe Biden is the father figure needed right now, so shouldn't we honour the religious leader by making a fuss of his first trip to Ireland?

It certainly won't kill us to postpone Saint Patrick's Day for a couple of days but the event would have to be kept low-key without any crowds or excessive entourages.


Sean's Bar is believed to be the oldest bar in the world but was one of the very first bars in Ireland to shut their doors last March. Let's open Sean's Bar for some sandwiches for the president, dye the River Shannon green like they do in Chicago and fly the pope to Clonmacnoise for an online mass.

Well that's what I'd be trying to do.

PICTURES: Barrack Obama in his limo, The Beast with both flags flying as he passed Houston Station in 2011. Aerial display team photos are not my own photographs and I will try to contact and credit photographers asap. River Shannon photo compiled from different photos.

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