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Sin titulo

I think it best to leave this place and story untitled

I texted a friend and suggested grabbing a drink after his improv class and I met him and his husband outside our usual bar and headed to a different venue for a change of scenery.

For a Monday night, there seemed to be quite a scene playing out around the square-shaped bar and my friend turned to me and said that the girl in the corner had just propositioned him when he went to the unisex bathroom.

His husband and I were both reluctant to believe him but then he asked why there were three young women drinking with much older men.

At the end of the bar, there were four bottles of Tóser red wine on display and Carlos laughed even though his American husband didn’t get the tosser reference.

The barman played another round and then another and four well-dressed men walked in and ordered four large gin and tonics which they barely touched over the next hour or so.

They left them unfinished and left the bar with only one of them removing his tie as the James Bond extras finished their Christmas party or whatever event without a little Ho Ho Ho festivity which seemed to be on tap.

We guessed they were limo drivers or something but I saw no cars parked nearby so maybe they weren't having one for the road. My friends then pointed out that they then saw a middle-eastern looking gentleman pimping in the corner nearest to us and receiving money.

I’m guessing the unisex bathroom offered a little U&I fun.

My friend Alan commented that we had had 3 drinks in the time the four suits tried to drink their gin and tonics and I pointed out, we had 3 since we had 3 and we finished our sixth drinks and paid the bar tab and were invited to a seventh one on the house.

Seventh Heaven

Returning a couple of days later, the barman warned people to watch their wallets as a small old woman wandered around the square-shaped bar looking to rob people’s beer.

Two young ladies drank and flirted with men in the corner nearest to us and again my friends commented about their possible profession as one of the women apparently put money down her plastic bosoms.

We commented on many different revellers in the bar and as I settled up the tab and looked around the bar, we were invited to yet another round of beer by the barman.

Apart from the queue for the bathroom, you’ll find great service and an interesting spot to hang out and watch the world go by.

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