• Morgan Fagg


Updated: Oct 6, 2018


Enya played

We sailed away

Hablamos en Spanglish

Argentina, Irish

and people from Spain

With a compass from France

And rigging from England

We set out our sails

On European waters we sailed

But BREXIT I fear is coming our way

And without a steady hand at the helm

Captain Cameron resigned

as HMS Ambush made port in Gibraltar

Submarine warfare in the nuclear age

HMS Sabre rattled her way, with flares

to scare Spanish science ships away

BREXIT will be a Titanic success they said

bringing pain back to Belfast once again

Governments of left and right rocked from port to starboard at night as the steady experiences hands had all gone away, sailors retired to Spain

But ship ahoy, BREXIT is on the horizon,

like an iceberg slowly approaching,

We cab still adjust our course,

as my friends and I spoke and joked

from bow to tail, we made our way around the coast of Spain with engine and sail

Build bridges not borders

if we want to weather this storm

Our helm is almost,

out of our hands,

as the rocks fast approach,

we are all in the same boat.

20th of May 2017


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