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Shining a light on renting in Spain

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

I’ve heard there are many scary stories about renting in Spain as the costs skyrocket in the capital and demand forces people to take what’s available rather than what they want.

This is by far one of the scariest stories I’ve heard so far and sounds like something from The Grudge or The Shining and certainly would make me uneasy about sleeping in the apartment if I was a girl.

Walking along the street yesterday, I saw an English teacher who I knew from a Spanish course we once took a couple of years ago.

Hey, how are you I asked as I waved to her and enquired how she got on with her apartment in Antón Martín. She asked me where we left off and I reminded her that the last time I bumped into her, she was worried about moving into a new apartment in Antón Martín as the owner wanted a deposit for the apartment even though it wasn’t ready for her to move into.

She was afraid it was a con and asked for my advice. I told her that if he wanted her to sign a contract with the deposit she should make sure his details on the contract match his ID.

She moved into the 4-bed flat with three other girls which included a French, German and Spanish girl but strangely they weren’t always alone as the man’s 70-year-old father would sometimes sleep in a closet.

When they confronted the man about his father he said that they were only renting rooms and not the entire apartment, so they couldn’t say anything about the old man in the closet.

While looking for a medical card, my friend was asked for details to prove that she was living permanently in Madrid and when she showed them her contract she was told that he wasn’t the actual owner of the apartment and she would need additional forms for him to sign.

When she finally got confronting him about his actual details and asked for a copy of his ID, he told her that she and all the girls would have to leave.

Good news if you are looking for an apartment in Antón Martín but please count how many people are sleeping in your apartment before going to sleep at night.

Dulces sueños.

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