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NEVER FORGET Sharpiegate

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Whatever happened on September 11th 2001, I can tell you this, it wasn't Saddam Hussein nor Hurricane Dorian but both Republican Presidents, George W Bush and Donald Trump would be happy to mislead you into thinking that Hurricane Hussein has Weapons of Mass Destruction and is heading to Alabama.

Both presidents might be mistaken of course but I'm not sure they will ever admit it and they say to err is human but what both men have done is kind of inhumane.

Sharpiegate revealed that Trump was wrong to mislead people about his mistake about mentioning Alabama which people believe might be a simple mistake where he heard "all the Bahamas" as Alabama. The reason this lie estimated to be one of 1,000 known lies is so important is because it is illegal to present what I would call, "Fake Weather" because people are dependent on weather warnings to save them during extreme events such as a Category 5 Hurricane.

Trump has lied on more than one occasion that he has never heard of a Category Hurricane which seems strange considering this was not his first Category 5 Hurricane since becoming President.

We all remember the time he throw in the towel in Puerto Rico and walked away leaving thousands of Spanish speaking Americans to die in the aftermath of a major disaster.

George Bush seems more heroic in hindsight but mopping up the bloody mess in Iraq has not been easy. Weapons of Mass Destruction were never found and considering his father's involvement with Saddam Husein in the 1980s, surely the CIA knew what weapons they had sold Iraq in the past.

I'm sure it was an honest mistake but it was a costly mistake both in terms of life and military expenditure and while we are all laughing at Sharpiegate, let's all remember that George Bush pulled a fast one as people were grieving for the thousands killed in New York.

Donald Trump was quickly rebuffed by his own staff who issued revised statements to say Alabama was not at risk which resulted in Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross threatening people's jobs for disagreeing with the president.

Maybe Stormy Daniels was hitting Alabama, I don't know but Dorian certainly wasn't but NOAA had to issue a revised statement to please the Tasmanian Devil-in-Chief.

People need to know that NOAA can be trusted to warn people about severe weather while the president plays golf but let's NEVER FORGET how quick George Bush and Fox News and military pundits and even the spineless Democrats were to invade Iraq and take their oil assets.

Read between the pipelines, George Bush mislead the American people and his administration was happy to go along with it and sold a false narrative that is rarely corrected.

There is a storm coming, it could be Iran or it could be Alabama but it's not always funny when presidents draw a line in the sand or a weather chart.

NEVER FORGET: Sharpiegate, here are some of the internet's finest memes.

SERIOUS AS CANCER: Windmill cancer is on the rise since Trump first made it up.

ON TARGET: Trump tends to exaggerate a little, then a lot.

BUILD THE WALL: Trump might find lying about the border easier than building a beautiful wall.

WON? From Space Force to the size of his inauguration, how many lies has he told?

SKIES THE LIMIT: Trump Tower in New York is 58 stories but listed as 68.

GREENLAND: The map of the world is being reshaped but how much of it will remain green.

BIRTHER: Trump's first main political lie was demanding Barrack Obama's Birth Certificate.

ROCKY SOLID: Trump stays in shape thanks to a Sharpie by his side.

PUT A LID ON IT: When will we cap all these lies? Maybe when he can't hide the decline.

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