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Send in the NAVY

Defence Forces forced to defend Ireland from Coronavirus

Ireland has three navy vessels operating from three locations where they have opened up testing facilities.

Many will be surprised to learn that Ireland even has a navy and speaking to some Spanish friends about the fallacy of Irish people going to the beach at the weekend, a friend told me that she didn’t realise that Ireland had beaches and I had to re-assure her that the Irish probably weren’t wearing bikinis on the beach in March but then again with the level of stupidity on display, I wouldn’t be surprised if some people weren’t taking a mid-March dip.

Irish beaches are not the most glamourous of global destinations to visit but Coronavirus' world tour means that all festivals and celebrations are being targeted by the dreadful virus and whether people are sunbathing in the rain or just taking a stroll, carparks full of people at Irish beaches are an alarming site when so many countries in Europe have had to lockdown their populations.

Packed with useful supplies and parked in Irish ports, the Navy has stepped up to the fight.

Wash your hands and wash behind your ears. The world has seen its share of dumb leaders.

An accident waiting to happen. Please keep your distance. You don't know what you are carrying.

SEASICK in The Sun:


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