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Easter en España

La Ultima Cena: Take this wine and drink with me as we look at Easter en España.

Far from chocolate and eggs, Easter in Spain sees the annual processions whereby people dress in robes and hoods and parade through the streets carrying heavy religious statues. 

This time honoured tradition takes place across Spain and sees young and old partaking in the event. With marching bands and the Stations of the Cross lofted high on their shoulders,

Semana Santa, Holy Week, draws crowds of onlookers from tourist and locals alike.

Marching in hooded robes, Western eyes are shocked and surprised to see Ku Klux Klan-style costumes being worn while Spanish people can hardly see a resemblance to the torch-wielding KKK.

It is very strange to come from the land of saints and scholars and see such devotion in Spain where the biblical images are paraded through the streets while the police try to hold back the crowds of onlookers taking photographs of the processions. 

It is a huge honour for people to wear the hooded robes and to carry these enormous statues and quite a spectacle to see.

Last year a sea of smartphones waved through the air, filming and photographing, the Spanish passion for Christ. A short pilgrims walk from the religious site of Clonmacnoise, I hope everyone in my hometown of Athlone had a very Happy Easter.

Room with a view: Religious statues are paraded by my front door in the centre of Madrid.

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