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Time flies when you're having fun

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Stop looking at your watch for a minute and take a second look at this picture.

I think I spent about an hour editing this picture of my friend Julian Berry enjoying a glass of Vermut and it was worth every second. My friend really enjoys his watches so I thought I would focus on this beautiful Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver that he was wearing when we finally got catching up after six months. Julian and I worked together a few years ago and it felt like years since we last saw each other although it was probably February when I last saw him when he invited me to see The Reverse Charge Callers´ first gig, which was great.

We were in lockdown soon afterward and this was Julian's first venture into Madrid since March.

With a splash of Ginebra, (Gin) from a perfume bottle and a splash of something else, the bar served up cool Vermut as I have never seen before and I definitely want to go back there.

There is no turning back the hands of time on 2020 but the photo above is actually a collection of 40 pictures edited together to create a .gif which I will try and make a video about later on which will explain the process.

A lot of delicate work and time has gone into that picture, just like in a Swiss-made Christopher Ward watch.

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