• Morgan Fagg

Let’s do some basic screening for Covid-19

You don’t need to be a germaphobe to know that people are packed together on public transport and can spread a contagious disease at ease but as they swipe right on their smartphones, I wonder when was the last time they cleaned their screens?

Smartphones are everywhere and are with us everywhere which includes the kitchen and the bathroom and on the bus and the train.

We even have them on the subway while eating our Subway sandwiches. Yuck.

I see people coughing in public, too selfish to cover their mouth with their hands as they tightly hold their smartphones. A social media of likes and shares where nobody cares what they share in the underground confines of my dispair.

Pulling out my hair as people cough and scroll on their mobile phones.

I have no doubt people use their phones in the bathroom and anyone who follows Donald Trump on Twitter, knows that he is full of shit as he sits on his throne tweeting insults to the world.

There are germs all around, please clean the buses and the underground.

Wipe surfaces and your phone before you put it to your face, it’s no disgrace to use your phone in public but don't use it in public restrooms and then public houses and restaurants.

It is the most basic of screening, lock your phone and clean it.

Originally written on March 3rd but never posted.

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