• Morgan Fagg

The scale of lies is no longer acceptable

My bathroom scales fluctuate all the time these days and standing on it three different times can produce three very different results. I think it is time that we threw out these lying machines.

We have got to weigh in on the big issues and stop believing politicians like Donald (Flushes his John 15 times) Trump who claims to be much lighter and a little taller than he actually is.

Let’s change the scales and see where we stand.

We say that justice is blind as Lady Justice holds up two scales but she is not blind, she is blindfolded and we have to stop accepting these mistruths that arrest minority youths.

No more surprises, we have to open our eyes, take off the blindfold and be surprised.

Now is not the time to weight, sorry wait, we must act.

There is an environmental diet where we watch what we consume.

Throw out those old unreliable lying machines.

Boris and Bolsonaro and the guy who thinks he has the body of Rocky Balboa.

The scale of lies is no longer acceptable.

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