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Sarah “Shut Up & Sit Down” Sanders

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Here is an idea, Jim Acosta should be the next Press Secretary for the United States.

Has he been unfair and rude to Sarah “Sit Down and Shut Up” Sanders?

If so rude boy Jimmy would experience a taste of his own medicine as bad journalists ask him questions about the economy, foreign policy, nuclear proliferation, collusion and the Pee Pee Tape.

America needs a press secretary who can communicate to the press, not a secretary that screens all calls not coming from Hannity&Friends.

They are gate keepers and have to dodge some questions and hide some scandals, lets be realistic here, their job is to keep things from the press but their job is to do it in a way that the press gets an answer and the public get a soundbite or some snippet of detail.

Here are my top choices for Press Secretary

A: Obama’s guy or girl, for 8 years I never noticed them whoever they were.

B: Award winning Press Secretary, actress Allison Janney from the West Wing.

C: 179,700 dollars worth of sweets in a candy jar that journalists can help themselves to.

D: Jim Acosta who Trump can whisper details to but then tells him not to tell the other reporters.

E: Simon Pegg, I think he could act the part.

People who should not be Press Secretary, a republican’s spawn child.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders offers no credibility unless that is her role but considering she is working at the tax payers’ expense and not just a henchman, she has to go.

Vile lies must not be entertained

As you step inside the James S Brady Press Room, people should remember, no one has been attacked like Sarah Huckabee Sanders for good reason and while the Press Room might be named after Ronald Reagan’s press secretary who took a bullet and was permanently disabled during an assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981, our thoughts and prayers go to Sarah who has been asked tough questions.

Thanks to Tom Hanks, the Press Office gets a coffee machine at least but maybe they should name the bathroom after Miss Potty Mouth who continues to talk shit without a shred of credibility and the latest video she has posted speaks volumes about the kind of person she is as Donald J Trump's fraudulent mouth piece.

After watching a very unhinged President yesterday, I wonder how long it will be before he stops asking naughty journalists to sit down and shut up and just sends them to detention?

Nice to see Trump standing up for a woman for a change but unlike Dr Blase Ford, Sanders is a very un-credible woman who is not a 10 at that.

Sarah "Sit Down & Shut Up" Sanders has to go.

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