• Morgan Fagg

Santa Claus you Capitalist Bastard

Santa Claus you greedy thing

in your Coca Cola coat

selling terrible things

manufactured in sweat shops

I think it is a sin.

Ever notice how wealthy kids,

get lots and lots of things?

While all the other girls and boys

who have waited 365 days

find socks they didn't want

but needed all this time

Is it because I couldn’t afford

to sit on your lap that one time

and smile at you and your oversized elfer helper that I recognise from the shopping isle?

The man who stocks the socks

my mother wants so much,

if we only had the time

but all I ever hear from her

is “run along kids, we’ve got our bread

Santa will remember us

if we’re very good and go to bed”

Manufactured Apples

designed in California but made in China

Is there an app to prevent suicide?

suicide nets employed outside their building

as another employee accidentally falls

it will be cold this Christmas,

I always feel the cold

I hope it doesn’t snow

but no matter what I get from you

I will smile, a smile as if it were gold

poor boys always enjoy simple toys, even in the cold.

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