• Morgan Fagg

Saint Patrick's Sham?

The Irish might have made America great in the past but there is something about Trump with a Shamrock that reminds me more of a Swastika than anything else and I don't mean in a Hinduism sense.

Maybe it's his political rallies, maybe it's his hatred and concentration camps, I don't know but a four-leaf clover is not a symbol for Ireland especially if you wave the il tricolore and not the Irish tricolour.

The luck of the Irish won't be found in a cereal box so I suggest Trump picks up a pint in Moneygal if he wants to turn his luck around.

Saint Patrick wasn't even Irish, he was Welsh so if you are afraid of immigrants and other religions than maybe Maewyn Succat isn't the mascot to mask behind.

I used to put Four-Leaf clovers on my old Alfas because that is the symbol for their motorsports team as well as the luck of the Irish but when I fly home, there is a Shamrock or Harp on the wings of the plane and a pint of the black stuff with a harp on the glass, waiting for me.

Wherever you call home, I hope you are welcome and welcoming and if you can't find luck on St Patrick's Day, at least Luck out for others.

PRESIDENTIAL SEAL OF APPROVAL: A green harp in Áras an Uactaráin.


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