• Morgan Fagg

Roaming around olde Athlone

In a town

West of Meath

Where Connaught

and Leinster meet

An old bar

lies in the shadow of

the town´s

mighty fort.

A stoney bridge

paves the way

to the 1691

Siege of Athlone

An old white bridge carries trains from

Dublin to Galway and back again

Down the Shannon

the vikings roared

and the priests

prayed as the

ancient pathway

of Esker Riada

crossed Clonmacnoise

This is where the Irish

learned to sail.

This is where the

brave Brian Boru

boarded a boat,

a viking U.F.O.

The land of

Saints and Scolars

an amazing religious university city

with its great high towers

and 1979

papal helipad

Far from Rome

A viking boat

still romes

Roaming around Athlone

New and old

Written in Madrid 14th September 2014

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