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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

How can Trump navigate without his Tiller man?

Eagle Scout, Rex Tillerson was a good boy.

Like a loyal dog, Rex followed along with much of Trump's barking mad shit.

It is easy to hate Trump and all the things he does but Rex Tillerson despite his industrious past actually added credibility to the Trump Administration even if he was seen as an oil man, he didn't feel like a snake oil salesman.

Without much political experience he did have plenty of international oil dealings and Rex Tillerson became Trump's Secretary of State.

He was seen as an Exxon exec who could create serious oil deals with Russia.

Naturally these deals would have come at an environmental and political price but the ex-Exxon CEO was seen as the right business man to sell the Trump Administration.

Eagle Scout, T-Rex, was even National President of The Boy scouts of America from 2010-2012 before calling the name-calling President nasty names.

It was reported that good boy Rex, called his boss a "Moron" before it was later clarified that he actually called his Commander and Chief a "Fucking Moron."

Not to be outsmarted by the man he hired, Trump later challenged him to an IQ test.

Trump's test results came back negative. Okay I am joking but Tillerson and Trump have parted like ships in the night which makes me wonder, like a ship without it's tiller man or even the son of one how will Donal Trump navigate without his Tillerson?

A man who can call his boss a moron only for the story to be corrected to "Fucking Moron" but lose his job when he insulted V Putin.

You don't need a high IQ or Trump telling people that he has a higher IQ than his secretary of state only to later have his Press Secretary say that it was a joke, to know that the boyscout probably wasn't prepared for this.

A man who had profited enormously as a CEO of one of the largest oil corporations, was gone long before I had time to hate his incompetency or the global mistakes that he might have made.

Like a loyal dog, Rex was shown the door and left to do his business.

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